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Caution this girl has scabies bad. Also to anonymous I would like an email from you about the friend. What did she look like?

27th June 2013
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Called her early to set up an apt for later that night and she answered and accepted. After calling back to confirm, she informed on her rag and couldn't keep date, but offered her best friend Vanessa as replacement. I accepted after she sent pics of friend who looked hotter than original in pic. She the called back to offer 2 girl even though she was "out of commission". I accepted that offer but was really only interested in her friend at that point. They both arrived as scheduled, and Holly is way cuter in person then the pics show, but the friend seems a lil out of it. Not a bad looking girl, just better in the pic. So down to business, for the record I will repeat with just Holly, but will probably skip the friend

27th April 2013
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